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Welcome to Molinari Kennel!


Duna Kupa WUSV VB Válogató IPO 3.


Belcando Kupa IPO 3.

Total: 285

Dear would-be Germen Shepherd Dog Owner, If you liked to have such kind of dog who protect the house and your values agressively, but your child can also play with it; who can be used for doing sports, as a patrol and as an investigator dog whilst it is less sensitive for the climatic rigours, but it shouldn?t be carried to the dog cosmetician, you have found the ONE!

Cenzo Kampftrieb

Attention dog sports!

Tell a mating!

Körung rating: KÖR 1(HU) KÖR2(SV)

Körung description: KÖR 1(HU) KÖR2(SV)

qualification: ÁV, EK, 2x SchH1, Schh3


Characterization: Extra kind contribution and playfulness while balanced nervous system, a very large dynamic the protect and guardian.

Bavaria Inka

Very intelligent and lively, balanced Temperament and encourage talent.

Bavaria Inka Cenzo Kampftrieb