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This breed is my favourite one since 1980. But the favourites are those dogs within the breed where the first point of view is usability besides health, coupling with appearance according to breed standards.

How has it started? I had a real old-type bucket-headed dun German Shepherd dog, who lived me on the 2nd floor and protected my dreams at night. I’ve realized soon, that this breed, as much as I would like, is not belong to the pet dogs and it suffers in the warm flat. I’ve managed to trained it on the highest level and during that process I’ve loved sporty training with dog. After that Illo v.d. Jungen Hansen (Jonika) has come from Germany who was more successful in work-dog sport.

















The German Shepherd Dog Championship in 1995 in Budapest was a change of fortune for me because I could do the putting away face to face attack-named pracitce with best of the world dogs as an assistant during the guarding-protecting work. This experience widely influenced my idea about the ideal, what spontaneity, self-confidence and loadability means.


The next prospect champion was Fando v.d. Weintraube from then German Democratic Republic. It helped me to take part in two championships (Luzern and Boston) besides a lot of Hungarian success. As a competitor, I could have the bitter experience to what kind of dog should have to this sport that a person could approach the frontline. Thereinafter, unfortunately, in contempt of a lot of attempt I managed to obtain diseased and non breedable dogs in Hungary, not to talk about instincts. Thus I’ve decided to take preparation of the rising generation in hand and took out the kennel name of Molinari at German Shepherd Dog Club of Hungary (MNJK) and started breeding. Of course, till now I’ve bred with such kind of bitches who are suitable for the requirements of MNJK’s breeding rule (CSD x-ray admission ‘A’, exam of 20 kms staying power, exhibition minimum is good qualification, obedient, protecting dog exam 1 and körung) and receive breeding permission. If someone is looking for a dog factory at my place with 100 bitches, of course that person is not in the right place, because here is not such kind of thing.


I’ve learnt that the quality of the bitch maybe more important than the dog, thus I emphesize more to have better and better bitches. The bitches from the beginning till now are: Wolf’s Linda (GDR), Chuna Policia (SK), Anett Vojanky (SK), Xandra v.d. Grundschnelligkeit (AT). Die Mädels vom Anfang bis zu den heutigen Tagen: Wolf's Linda (NDK), Chuna Policia (SK) Anett Vojanky (SK), Xandra v.d. Grundschnelligkeit (AT).






More and more serious people with sport dogs light on us. If you are aware of that our puppies were born to work and you would like to have such kind of instinctive dog, you are in a right place. Reserve a puppy from the next copulation or watch a pup.

I wish that the dog from our breed cause you and your family a real pleasure and happiness!!!!